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Orderly Conduct

Cheryl Kennedy,
Professional Organizer
POC Member
Phone: (613) 292-6259

Email: Orderly Conduct

Overwhelmed by clutter or disorganization in your home or home office?
Moving or downsizing?
Can't seem to find a place to store your belongings or spend too much of your valuable time trying to find things?

It would be my pleasure to work with you in a kind and caring manner to help overcome the storage & organizational challenges in your home so you can focus on your family & professional life.

If you've imagined just how relaxing it would be to spend time with family and friends enjoying your home if it were more organized, contact Orderly Conduct today.



Executive Cleaning and Home Organizing (ECHO)

Barbara Ann Vocisano
Phone: (613) 797-4438

Email: Executive Cleaning and Home Organizing

Thank you for your interest in Executive Cleaning Home Organizing. At ECHO, we create a clutter-free environment for your home or office.

Whether you are moving, right-sizing or working through a life-change, we can help. We have successfully re-organized homes and offices as large as 8,000 square feet, and as modest as 800 square feet. No job is too small. We have many clients that just need help with moving and home staging for open houses. Packages start as low as $40 per hour. In addition, we provide light carpentry work and small home renovations. Eg. small room painting and hanging shelves.

Owner and operator, Barbara Ann Vocisano, was trained as a designer for California Closets and brings creativity and order to your unorganized space. Barbara Ann also possesses her Police Records Check from the City of Ottawa Police Services, and her Federal background check with the RCMP. She is trustworthy and believes in confidentiality and privacy when in your home or office.

Contact ECHO for a free estimate at info@execuclean.ca Or by calling 613-797-4438. More information may be found at www.execuclean.ca Your home or office will be so clutter free it will ECHO!!!

Systems N' Spaces

Organizing to add a 'Touch of Balance' to your life!

Triggerr TL Penney
Organizing Consultant
Phone: (613) 697-9869

Email: Systems N' Spaces

~ Home & Office Efficiency ~ Life Transitions ~
* Serving Ottawa & Surrounding Area *

Providing you with guidance and expertise in the creation, implementation & maintenance of organizational systems by way of time & scheduling management, electronic file & database set up, records management, inventory audits, small event planning, space planning & re-design, space set up, right-sizing/downsizing, staging, sorting, purging, packing/ unpacking, moving, relocating and storage solutions.

We unlock a path inviting opportunity to increase effectiveness, functionality & productivity within your home or small office while alleviating needless stress in addition to overwhelming anxieties imposed by circumstance and/or environment.

"Inspiring you to creatively transform, implement and maintain effective and functional Systems N' Spaces empowering you to unlock and sustain a path to ease of life, fostering a 'Touch of Balance' within your home and/or place of business" ~ TLP

~ Integrity ~ Confidentiality ~ Productivity ~ Effectiveness ~



Phone: 613-276-8667
Website: hoarding-cleanup-ottawa.com
Email: ECO-PRO

ECO-PRO is Ottawa’s Most Comprehensive Hoarding Remediation and Clean-Up Service. Our Team of Experts are Certified by the IICRC and Hold Specializations In Various Cleaning and Restoration Disciplines.

When you are faced with Extreme Clutter, Hoarding, and situations that are hazardous, we are the company that you can trust to take control of the situation and restore the home to a clean, and safe condition.

We offer the complete package of cleaning, resources for therapy, support, and follow-up care. Our service is discrete and non-judgmental. We will be with you from the beginning till the very end.

Below Is a Brief List of Some of Our Specialities

  • Food Hoarding
  • Hoarding Clean-Up
  • Compulsive Shoppers
  • Animal Hoarding
  • Bibliomania
  • Disposaphobia
  • Syllogomania
  • De-Cluttering of Home or Office
  • Contents Sorting + Organization
  • Asset Recovery & Inventory
  • Photo & Video Documentation
  • Estate Clean Out & Preparation For Sale
  • Extreme Cleaning
  • Odour Neutralization
  • Mould Removal and Remediation
  • Insect and Pest Control
  • Mattress Sanitation
  • Indoor Air Quality improvement
  • Complete Surface Sanitation

  • Transformed Spaces

    Transformed Spaces

    Declutter. Organize. Simplify.

    Cassandra Henry
    Professional Organizer
    Phone: (613) 601-0272

    Email: info@transformedspaces.ca

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/transformedspaces/

    Are you embarrassed by the chronic chaos or your home? The mess… the disorganization… the clutter?

    Do you want to be able to have family and friends over but you're too anxious about the state of your home?

    Are you stressed? Overwhelmed? Run-down? Do you feel like you have too much stuff and not enough space to put it all?

    Do you spend time trying to look for stuff you need, but can never remember where you put it… so, you go buy another?

    Transformed Spaces helps you take control of your life by…
    • Creating organization systems
    • Reducing the clutter madness in your life
    • Finding a spot for EVERYTHING in your home
    • Time-management
    • Home-organization
    • Online (virtual) coaching!!!!
    …ALL by working with your vision, goals, needs AND budget!

    Want to do it all on your own but you just need a little guidance because you don't know where to start? We can do that too; with our own personalized how-to-guides specific for your home and needs!

    Give us a call today to get started! Stop waiting, change is just one step away! FREE phone/e-mail consultation!

    Refreshed Space

    Joyce Crawford
    Professional Organizer
    POC member
    APSD Home Stager
    Phone: (613) 294-5922

    Email: Refreshed Space


    What can I do to help me get control over my life? With everyone’s busy schedules it is hard to find the time to not only get organized, but to stay that way. Imagine the feeling of calm that would come from having storage solutions that actually work and are easy to manage. Think of the space you could free up in your home or office for other uses, and the time you could save to get on with doing all of the activities you really enjoy doing. Refreshed Space will work with you to create systems customized to meet your needs and budget.
    • selected rooms or whole home organization
    • downsizing and move management
    • organizing maintenance to keep you on track
    • home staging and redesign
    Contact us today to find out how we can work together, and to see how easy it is to take the next step.


    Helen Gilman
    Professional Organizer
    Phone: (613) 726-3126
    Email: hgilman80@gmail.com

    ORGANIZE-U can help you in the office or at home, as follows:


    • Is your paper or electronic information organized so that finding documents is simple?
    • Can you easily locate a file or document if the person responsible for creating it is away?
    • Can you determine whether it's the latest version?
    • Is your lan server overloaded?
    • Is your office cluttered with paper?
    Home: Storage areas and/or closets, Kitchens, Laundry Rooms, Sewing and hobby rooms, Kid's rooms (with their involvement), Garages and Basements, Garage Sales, Unpacking/Moving In

    Other Paperwork, Photograph Organization, House decluttering, Home Resale Preparation, Organizing Events, Time Management

    If you want to eliminate S-T-R-E-S-S and become more productive, call me. You'll be glad you did!

    Second Set    

    Kathy McEwan

    Professional Organizer
    Certified Senior Move Manager
    Member of Professional Organizers in Canada
    Phone: 613-454-5706
    Website: www.secondsetofhands.ca
    Email: Second Set of Hands
    Blog: www.secondsetofhands.ca/blog-2
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/secondsetofhands

    Are you feeling overwhelmed? Stressed? Do you find it hard to find your belongings? Second Set of Hands will help you organize and declutter your home and/or office and will provide you with tips on how to keep them clutter free and organized. Our professional services saves you time allowing you to focus on what is really important to you, ex. family, friends and/or your professional work. Are you moving and/or downsizing? We will provide you with help and support every step of the way with your move, including packing and unpacking! Second Set of Hands provides caring and confidential services tailored to meet your needs and your budget! So don't be stressed, let us help you!

  • Basements
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Bookshelves
  • Business Office
  • Closets
  • Craft Supplies
  • Garage
  • Home office
  • Home Resale
  • Important Documentation
  • Kitchen cupboards/cabinets/pantries
  • Laundry area
  • Playrooms
  • Receipts/Photographs
  • Seasonal/Holiday Decorations
  • Storage Area
  • And more!

  • Contact us for a complementary telephone consultation to see how we can meet your goals!

    Homefree Organizational Service

    Judy Besserer
    Professional Organizer
    Phone: (613) 825-5081
    Cell: (613) 293-5704

    Email: HOMEFREE

    Organization of your home environment is offered in a gentle manner at a pace designed to fit individual needs. Help is also provided for those requiring immediate aid in events such as relocations, renovations or emergencies due to illness. Moving to a retirement setting? I have experience helping seniors and families during this passage.

    Ruth Silbert Coaching

    Ruth Silbert BA MLS CPC ACC
    Certified Professional Coach
    Coaching for ADHD
    Phone: (613) 277-1565

    Email: Ruth Silbert Coaching

    Is ADHD holding you back from living the life that you want? Are you struggling with disorganization at home and at work? Do you feel overwhelmed by family responsibilities? Is your to-do list getting longer with no end in sight? Don’t give up! I am here to help you understand your challenges and find solutions that work for you.

    If you are ready for meaningful change in your life, contact me for a FREE Discovery Session to review your needs and learn how coaching can help you.

    Love Your Space

    Angela Irvine
    Professional Organizer
    Phone: (613) 612-2570

    Email: Love Your Space

    Does your home or work space make you feel stressed, confused and cranky? Would you like to create more space and time for what really matters in your life? Love Your Space focuses on aligning your space with what's important in your life. Angela helps you let go of things that no longer serve you, and helps you create a clear vision for your space. Feel life get easier as you let go of clutter and get more centered. Let Angela expertly and compassionately guide you through the process of getting organized. You CAN have a space that's beautiful, calming and functional - be it a closet, an office, a room… You CAN Love Your Space!

    Organized4Results Inc.

    Robynne Potts, B. Comm.
    Organizational Consultant
    Phone: (613) 862-1262

    Email: Organized4Results Inc.

    Imagine what you could accomplish and how you'll feel when …
    • your goals and priorities are clear;
    • your calendar aligns with those priorities;
    • you manage your procrastination and perfectionism tendencies;
    • your paper and electronic information is quickly accessible; and
    • you control what gets your attention.
    My approach allows me to see past the overwhelmed and unfocused you, and work directly with your strengths and potential.

    You are here because you are stuck, frustrated and tired of doing it alone. I bring insightful questions, collaboration and objectivity to client relationships. I work with busy professionals and entrepreneurs to build clarity, confidence and momentum.

    Where to start? Check me out on .
    Then call today to start your journey to a calmer, simpler life.

    Active Member of Institute for Challenging Disorganization pursing specialization in ADHD and the Association of Professional Organizers in Canada.

    Adventures in Organizing

    Lose Clutter ~ Gain Clarity

    Jennifer Dawson
    Certified ASPD Home Stager
    Certified Senior Move Manager
    AIOP Certified Organizer
    Phone: (613) 668-6306

    Email: Adventures in Organizing

    Facebook: facebook.com/adventuresinorganizing.ca

    Twitter: @organizeyourlif

    Blog: adventuresinorganizing.ca/blog/

    Can you find anything in your home in 5 minutes or less? If you can, you are definitely on the right track when it comes to organizing your home and your life. We can bring to you simple time management tools, techniques and efficiency solutions which assist you in maximizing both your time and energy.

    Or, do you like many others, feel as if the walls are closing in and your home is falling in on you? Sometimes we just become overwhelmed with the enormity of the tasks and the sheer volume that needs to be completed in a day. We can help you get caught up, declutter, and assist you in developing routines and schedules to keep you moving forward.

    Simplify Your Life....

    • Paperwork Control
    • De-Cluttering
    • Home Organizing
    • Down Sizing
    • Move Management
    • Home Staging
    • Online Teaching
    • Workshops
    The talented team at Adventures in Organizing are here to serve!

    Where should you start?

    Visit our website for further details or call us to learn about how our services may help you!

    Sort My Space

    Jennifer Fletcher
    Professional Organizer
    POC Member
    Phone: (613) 909-3166

    Website: www.sortmyspace.ca

    Email: Sort My Space

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/sortmyspacePO/

    Bringing calm, clarity & order to your home

    Ever heard of the saying "fail to plan, plan to fail"? Well here at Sort My Space that is the basis of everything we do. Everything starts with a plan.

    Through a series of questions we'll define your goals for your home, identify what's working (and not working) and decide how we want to work together. Whatever your obstacle, we have a solution:

    • No time to organize, no problem. We'll organize for you
    • Not sure where to start? We'll lead the way
    • Can't seem to stay organized? We'll show you how
    We develop customized solutions to help make your dream of organized
    living become reality.

    Our easy 3-step process starts with a FREE telephone consultation.

    Check out our website
    follow us on facebook
    Say hello! We're here to help.

    Connect, plan, conquer. That's what you can expect from Sort My Space.

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